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Nico Blue

Nico Blue

s R&B / Pop // Los Angeles, CA

I make music for those who want to connect with their feelings or forget about them. I make music for those who want to be heard but cannot seem to find any outlet of doing so. I make music for the ones who love to dance and “can’t stop, won’t stop.” I make music for those that yearn for a second chance and for those that feel their heartbreak now more than ever. I make music for the children of divorce blocking out the arguments outside their soundproof headphones, escaping into the different worlds they can call this sonic place home for a short time. I aim to inspire the misfits to realize their passions and have an unwavering determination to chase those dreams.

I make music so that the stubborn troublemakers who feel alone against the world do not feel as such but rather that they have a friend who has been there and understands. I write the honest stories that come from my array of life experiences in the hope that I can make you say, “damn, he totally gets what I’m going through.” I write the melodies inspired by my heart and soul, laughter and tears, hoping that all feel the emotion that made me want to smile, love, dance, cry, and yell, as well. But if I can change a life, convincing someone to take that risk they wouldn’t have otherwise, or save a life, by giving someone a reason to carry on much like music did for me, that is success. I am fortunate enough to now be part of PerDiem, which allows me to do this and more. Now you can help me tell our stories, and be the inspiration and reason behind my next project.

Past Campaigns

  • Record Single
    Raised $1,000 for 100% of Record Single revenue
    To record original single.

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