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Pop // Nashville, TN

KOYOKE is an independent project with honest lyrics, and unexpected sounds. It is a personal project that expresses whatever is in the moment, as well as the growth of a songwriter turned artist.

Songwriter Lisa Goe, has been an influential part of Nashville's Pop Music Scene since 2008. Having independent success, working with well known songwriters and artists, she is best known for having Pop Star Justin Bieber sing a song she cowrote with Ernie Halter that acclaimed world wide attention. Lisa is now expanding her songwriting abilities and showcasing her independent project through her voice and various producers that have come along her journey.

$2,017.92 generated so far from this project ($1,008.96 for investors).

Past Campaigns

  • Koyoke EP
    Raised $1,000 for 50% of Koyoke EP revenue
    To record debut EP
    $2,017.92 generated so far from this project
    $1,008.96 for investors

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