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King Shelter

King Shelter

Alternative // Orange County, CA

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I (Taylor Hecocks), moved out to Southern California to play music and to build a platform to say something. After making a few songs and watching ideas turn into bigger opportunities, David Noble, Adam Nienow and John Harzan joined me and created King Shelter. Together, the four of us have written, recorded and performed songs with the same goal in mind: to encourage others to think for themselves; to shed light on real issues and give a new perspective. With these songs, the band has been able to share our music with most of southern California, along with independently producing and releasing two albums.

This project was made with the goal of saying something. But not something we all hear everyday. Shelter wants to push others to think differently, even about normal things. It strives to shed light on a new perspective of every day emotions and thoughts, as well as push others to think for THEMSELVES. With the release of our latest album, Failure EP, the band has had incredible opportunities to play a great deal of shows, while utilizing the opportunity to share ideas.

We don't really have a thought out plan for the future. But the goal is to find a platform that allows us to push people. We want to push people out of their comfort zone. We want to make people think about why they do what they do. We want to make music for the people, music that puts us at an equal level with listeners. We just want our voice to be heard and our ideas to be shared. Along with that, we want to progress. We want to make more music than anyone else. Progression is very important to us, and with out pushing yourself along with others, then who knows how many ideas could go unattempted. We want to progress. We feel more than honored to be a part of something, especially something new, that allows us and our fans to work together to make not only music, but an impact in our culture.

$2,023.10 generated so far from this project ($1,011.55 for investors).

Past Campaigns

  • EP
    Raised $2,700 for 50% of EP revenue
    We will be recording with lead singer Adam Castilla from the Colourist. He is mixing / producing the EP at Grand Master Studio in Hollywood. Stevie Wonder, No Doubt, Foo Fighters, Queens of Stone Age have all recorded there. The mastering will be done by Brian Lucey, he's mastered The Black Keys, The Arctic Monkeys, and Cage the Elephant.
    $2,023.10 generated so far from this project
    $1,011.55 for investors

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