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Joe Marson

Joe Marson

Alternative // Los Angeles, CA

Hello. My name is Joe Marson. I am a gypsy soul with a calling to make music. I am drawn to authenticity of the human spirit. The kind that transcends genres and inspires many different types of sound and expression. I call mine Electric Soul Magic. I have been a rolling stone my whole life and put all of my experiences into my lyrics and songs.

With every record I do, I feel I get closer to capturing the sounds I hear in my head and heart. I want to reach wider audience without going with the traditional record company route. I don’t want to have to answer to anyone but my fans and Perdiem makes that possible.

Past Campaigns

  • Explore/Explode
    Raised $44 for 15% of Explore/Explode revenue

  • "No Retreat"
    Raised $1,500 for 50% of "No Retreat" revenue
    To promote the single "No Retreat"
    $1,365.73 generated so far from this project
    $682.87 for investors

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