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Hydraulix Fonye

Hydraulix Fonye

s Hip Hop / Afro Beats // Ghana

Chris Fonye, Date of Birth: 23rd December, 1994. My passion for music began when i was very young. I was raised around Ghanaian traditional music. I started my career as a producer in 2010, a year after high school. I could neither afford piano lessons nor college tuition so I had to teach myself how to play the piano and the science of sound engineering. After 10 years, I'm now a proud professional Producer, Songwriter, Artiste, Mixing and Mastering Engineer. I've produced tonnes of singles and albums for artistes and labels. I write and produce my own songs.

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Past Campaigns

  • Fonye EP
    Raised $15,000 for 100% of Fonye EP revenue
    I'm raising money to promote my Extended Play titled, "FONYE".

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