× UPDATE! PerDiem will be closing down Dec. 31, 2020. Please request Cash Out and submit your PayPal e-mail to receive any potential earnings. Contact us at support@investperdiem.com with any questions. Thank you for all the support and we wish you all the best in the new year!



Hip Hop // Los Angeles, CA

We make music because we love how it feels, and we love how it makes others feel. We love that our words can speak for people who can't find the right words to speak for themselves. It's an incredible feeling to know that you can create a genuine connection with someone through the power of your music. Creating songs that connect with as many people as possible is what we live for. When you have a passion for something you really believe in, but you are not in a position to sustain yourself by doing what you know you are meant to do, you always feel like you're a step behind when you have so much to give.

The biggest challenge for us is having to work full-time jobs to support ourselves and the music we want to create. Our dream would be to focus 100% on making music and creating songs that can impact peoples lives. The more time we can put into creating music, the more we can give to the world. We know there is something special in what we do, and all we want is for our music to be heard. What we are trying to accomplish is greater than just a sound or rhythm, it is a feeling and an emotion and it has the ability to connect with so many people on a much deeper level.

We're excited about PerDiem because it's a unique relationship with the fans. It's a bond that's based on a real connection and allows fans to see their passion returned back to them. A concept that speaks volumes to an idea that is bigger than the individual.

Current Project

  • FRTNK: 55%
  • Investors: 45%

$45.49 generated so far from this project ($20.47 for investors).

Past Campaigns

  • Perplex City EP
    Raised $250 for 25% of Perplex City EP revenue
    To record original EP
    $45.49 generated so far from this project
    $20.47 for investors

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