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Dream Culture

Dream Culture

s Psychedelic / Rock // Athens, GA

Dream Culture plays psychedelic rock. They reside in Athens, GA. Their goal?: To transport you mentally to whatever location their music helps you conjure. Formed in the Atlanta suburbs in late 2013, they relocated to Athens, Georgia following the release of their debut, self-titled EP. After settling down, they released their second EP, "Post Habitual", in September of 2015, which was met with positive acclaim from various music publications throughout the southeast. After some lineup changes and many shows, Dream Culture is getting ready to prove themselves in 2017 with a new single and full length LP.

What is the motivation? Success? Fame? This may be true for some, "artists", however in the case of these young Athenians, the hope is to be able to talk to those who listened - and have been changed. Evan (guitar, vocals), Billy (guitar), Chad (drums), Ivano (bass), and Kelby (keys), have all been moved by their favorite musicians. The possibility to be able to make music that's intelligent, fun, emotional, and innovative as to pass on this torch that they all as individuals have been given by their influences is their own personal pursuit of happiness.

Also, in their view, what is psychedelic? Anything. If one can lose oneself in something, that's it. Forget yourself while entranced by it. Cooking, running, basketweaving, basketball, reading... the list goes on forever. Psychedelic = subjective. Psychedelic = passion. It just so happens that there are characteristics in all forms of art that can promote this mindset of singular engrossment. Their goal is to bring these characteristics out in the music, and help you, the listener, find your place.

Dream Culture and PerDiem are working together to try to help you let go a little bit. To help you take a break for a moment - for in their opinion, if one lets the stresses of life constantly weigh down upon them, one's subjective mental consequences are quite possibly, constantly, imminent.

$32.48 generated so far from this project ($11.37 for investors).

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    $32.48 generated so far from this project
    $11.37 for investors

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    $32.48 generated so far from this project
    $11.37 for investors

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