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AGGIE is an independent singer-songwriter based in Barcelona, Spain. Born in Poland, at the age of 18 the artist left her hometown to study and chase her music career-dreams. After graduating AGGIE went to London in search of a voice professional. Around 2016 she met Sam Marlow, a voice coach from the BRIT School. Sam helped improving AGGIEs sound and gave her guidance needed to continue growing her career. Together they wrote the music to "The Breath Out", an emotional and quite moody piano project released in 2017. At this time AGGIE decided to start an independent journey as an artist and at the beginning of 2018 presented her first album "Soul Center". Later the same year she teamed up with a new producer and traveled overseas to continue working.. This was when the single "I might" was written... Moral of the story: dreams come true. But they are not cheap though >D Few words from AGGIE> Growth requires funding and in order to keep releasing high quality videos music and content I need help, I have worked hard to create a great music catalogue, a nice social media presence, a pro website and plenty contacts, with a 9 to 5 I have fueled all my projects, its time to go BIG and for that I need BIG HELP from people who believe in my mission ! I have asked my followers if they believe that after 30 people tend to get "normal" and they give up on their passions and dreams, over 90% of people said YES. Well it took my last 10 years to learn and grow and I am not giving up now, I believe nobody should ! Or thats just my passion speaking... Somehow I do believe its never too late to go harder >) So I decided to look for THE believers, are there any left ?

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