× UPDATE! PerDiem will be closing down Dec. 31, 2020. Please request Cash Out and submit your PayPal e-mail to receive any potential earnings. Contact us at support@investperdiem.com with any questions. Thank you for all the support and we wish you all the best in the new year!

The best way to fund music

Invest in music from emerging artists

What is PerDiem?

PerDiem is a platform that allows anyone to invest in music. Artists can raise money by selling shares in their music and building a following of investors that literally have a vested interest in their success. Anyone can now invest in music and earn money based on the artist's success.

Buy and sell shares in music

We make it easy for anyone to invest in music. Never worry about contracts or legal fees. Artists can raise money by selling shares in their music projects. This gives people an incentive to fund the artists music as they can earn a return on their investment based on amount of sales.

Track your earnings

We take care of everything. Investors can track all of their earnings from all of their artists in one place. Never worry about distribution, payments, and registration. All you have to do invest, promote your artists, and watch your money grow.

Build your music portfolio

Feel good about your investments. The public now has the opportunity to invest in music and progress the careers of artists and their music. Be part of the new music economy and start investing in music today.

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Invest In Music

Buy shares in music. Create your music portfolio. Earn Money

For Artists

Funding, Distribution, Payments, and everything else you'll ever need


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